2020-Future of Silicon Metal Prices

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January 05, 2022

There has been great changes in the prices of Silicon metal in the year 2021. So the industries are looking keen into 2022 what major changes can happen to the prices of silicon. In the year of 2021 a survey conducted reveals the statistics that China had 300,000 tons of industrial silicon metal output just in the month of November. And this marks a 10 percent increment from the previous month. So the year-on-year increase will be around 29.5 percent.

2020-Future of Silicon Metal Prices

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The data’s indicates that Xinjiang and Fujian contributed most to the industrial silicon metal production. But at the same time there was decline in the production in the areas Yunnan, Sichuan and Heilongjiang Province in the month of November. While looking to the month December, the cost of electricity for the production of silicon metal increased. But this hasn’t affected the production as the industrial metal silicon is on high demand. So that marked a 33.6 percent of year-on-year increase. Which is higher than that of November.

In 2022 also this trend of increased production will continue and the production data can be surprising compared to that of 2021.